Purchasing A Home

Kurt & Michelle Ziegler



Everyone should own a home.

Stop paying rent and build equity in yourself with your own mortgage.

You probably think you need a great credit score and 20% down??

That is absolutely incorrect.
We have helped thousand of wonder people purchase their new home and we can help you as well.


  1. Get a preapproval.
    There is a shortage of homes now. To insure you get the home you want you need a preapproval. Sellers want to know you are legit.
  2. Get a reputable real estate agent.
    They don’t cost you a penny. The seller pays the real estate agent costs. You need an agent on your side to insure you get a good home and they negotiate the home price for you.
  3. How much can you afford?
    Call us and let us help you figure that out. You could be happily surprised to know you can afford more than you thought.
  4. What are the interest rates?
    Rates all depend on your credit score, income and job history.
  5. What credit score do I need?
    We can go down to a 580 score but most loans with good rates require a 620 score or higher
  6. How much do I need to put down on a home?
    20% down is the biggest myth, we can get you into a mortgage for as little as 3.0% down.. USDA and VA are 0% down.
  7. How long does it take to get into a home?
    We can get you into a home in as little as 14 days.

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