Many financial institutions and mortgage companies compete for business by advertising remarkably low-interest rates and fees.

While this is not particularly surprising, negotiating with a large bank or national lender typically comes with additional costs, delays, and other challenges that home purchasers discover to be unforeseen. Homebuyers frequently wind up paying MORE than they anticipated for a home after incurring these extra costs and other issues. Therefore, while larger banks and lenders may claim they are the finest in the industry by touting their low pricing, working with a local, independent mortgage broker is the superior alternative for most house buyers. Using a mortgage broker that is both local and independent might provide several benefits.

Working with a local broker, such as Three Rivers Lending, offers numerous advantages. Three of the primary advantages that independent mortgage brokers have to offer are discussed here.


Lower Wholesale Rates are Available

As mortgage brokers, we work directly with various financial institutions to secure suitable mortgage options for our buyers. This means we have access to reduced wholesale rates than banks and retail lenders.


You’ll Get Hundreds of Mortgage Offers Shopped for You

Since we collaborate with many lending institutions, we have access to hundreds of different mortgage options. We’ll get to know you and work closely with you to understand your unique situation so we can shop your options and identify the home loan that works best for you. This relieves you of the burden of locating the best mortgage, making the home-buying process far less stressful!


Speedy Closings

We know that when you find a property you adore, you want to make it yours as quickly as possible! That is why we strive to provide our clients and consumers with quick closings. We can typically close the deal faster than big banks and small lenders.


Simplify the process of buying a house! Work with Three Rivers Lending

Purchasing a home can seem like a complex undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. With a local mortgage broker on your side, you can go into the home purchasing process confident, well-informed, and ready to make your dream of homeownership a reality.

Whether you’re purchasing your first house or are a seasoned professional when it comes to home buying, Three Rivers Lending has quite a lot to offer. Contact us today by email, contact form, or call us at (412) 203 3379!